Project Broncos

Bronco Driver Magazine has many projects in the works. Projects are written up in the magazine in detail listing upgrades/problems that arise, the parts used and reasons for choosing those parts. So far, we have chosen four trucks of the three body styles: an Early Bronco, a "Two Big" Bronco and a Full Size Bronco, in hopes of educating and helping owners of all years.

1976 Screamin' Demon | 1994 Full Force
1991 Barn Built Bronco | 1969 Orange Crush | 1978 Patriot Project (completed)

Operation Screamin' Demon (1976 Early Bronco)


Build an identifiable Early Bronco with modern day technology that can be driven daily including long trips. Try unique new niche Bronco products, visit Bronco restoration builders, and try new developments for creating the Bronco of the 21st century but keep the Classic Bronco Box of the 70's!

Starting specs:

  • 1976 Ford Bronco
  • Original 302
  • 3 Speed
  • 5 1/2 " Lift

products/parts already featured in articles:

  • Bed Liner - Line-X (issue #47)
  • Bed Liner - Al's Liner (issue #47)
  • Upholstery - Finish Line Tops: 704-880-8846 (issue 48)
  • 2010 Mustang Engine install - Tumblin Automotive: 864-983-2979 (issue 49)
  • Engine tuning - Amazon Tuning Solutions: 864-332-0955 (issue 50)
  • Paint - Custom Cars: 864-833-3879 (issue 51)
  • New Glass - Safelite Auto Glass: 877-800-2727 (issue 52)
  • Bronco Bling (the details) - Nick's Trix & Dennis Carpenter: 800-476-9653

What we plan to do soon:

Youtube Videos: under hood clip:

outside clip: 

inside with scanner shown 105 mph:

Project Full Force (1994 Bronco) click here for more photos

starting specs:

  • 1994 Bronco XLT
  • 5.0 EFI engine
  • E4OD auto transmission
  • BW1356 transfer case
  • Dana 44 TTB front, open carrier
  • Ford 8.8 rear, open carrier
  • electric everything (whether we like it or not)


Like the other Project vehicles we want a Bronco that is both street AND trail-worthy (at least for the immediate future).

Immediate Needs:
  • Gears & lockers!
  • Engine upgrade parts
Already done or in the process:
What we plan to do soon:
  • locking diffs and gears
  • "real world" engine upgrades (heads, ignition, intake, exhaust)
  • brake upgrades
  • E4OD upgrades
  • roll cage/safety "stuff"
  • interior upgrades
Parts to be installed in issues soon:
Future projects:
  • engine phase I: something practical with the stock 5.0. How far can we take it with "bolt-on" and junkyard parts only?
  • engine phase II: something unique with the engine: 6.0L Power Stroke diesel or 7.3L DI Navistar diesel. How about a Cummins? Or a 6 cylinder with a turbo or supercharger?
  • driveline: ZF with a STaK tcase
  • rear axle phase I: How far can we take the 8.8?
  • rear axle phase II: Ford 9" swap
  • rear axle phase III: Sterling 10.25 or Dana 60 swap
  • what you would like to see done to this project

Midnight Thunder

Starting specs:

  • 1984 Bronco U15
  • 302 v-8 roller cam, Thunderbird block, Torino rods, E-7 heads full roller valvetrain
  • C-6 Transmission TCI converter kit, and valvebody
  • 6-inch Pro Comp lift
  • 35's bfg
  • TTB 44 front
  • 9 inch rear


To build a reliable sleeper rig. It will be used for basic to elaborate tech articles throughout its buildup.

Products/parts already featured in articles:
What we plan to do soon:
Future projects:

Orange Crush (1969 Early Bronco)


1. To have a dependable Bronco that can handle the rocks, mud, logs and navigate the F4 trails, but also be street-legal and daily driven.

2. To have people identify when they see it that this is a Bronco from THE Bronco Driver Magazine.

Starting specs:

  • 1969 Bronco Sport
  • 5.0 Mustang engine with a carb (don't ask us why)
  • Factory 3 speed manual transmission
  • Dana 44 front
  • Ford 9" rear
  • Dana 20 transfer case
  • 3" body lift
  • 7.5" suspension lift very poorly "welded on"

products/parts already featured in articles:

Status: This Project has been completed.

The Patriot Project (1978 Bronco)

Starting specs:

  • 1978 Bronco Custom
  • Engine: 351M
  • D44 Front Differential, Open carrier
  • 3.50:1 gears
  • 9 Inch Rear Differential, Open carrier, 3:50:1 gears
  • NP205 Transfer Case (1.92:1 low range)
  • C6 Automatic Transmission
  • 35 x 15.5 x 15" Mickey Thompson Claws
  • 15 x 10 Weld Racing wheels


To build a trail capable, show winning, high performance, gasoline sipping Bronco. A tall order to say the least. We want to look at products that may be normally overlooked by the vast majority of Bronco owners. Our aim is to see if there are options that will meet as many of our expectations as possible. Where we find ourselves most at odds is in the performance vs. MPG situation.

products/parts already featured in articles:

This Project has been completed.

Barn Built Bronco (B3)

Starting specs:

  • 1991 Bronco XLT
  • Engine: 302
  • D44 Front Differential, open carrier
  • 8.8 Inch Rear Differential, open carrier
  • E4OD auto transmission
  • BW1356 transfer case
  • factory everything


To build a trail-hungry rig for less than $10,000. It will be decked out with junkyard parts and homebuilt modifications that keep the cost as low as possible.

Products/parts already featured in articles:
  • introduction: issue 38
  • hood scoop removal: issue 38
  • the teardown: issue 39
What we plan to do soon:
Future projects:
  • one ton axles
  • straight axle conversion
  • on-board air
  • 4 speed transmission
  • custom bumpers
Status: This Project has been completed.

Bronco vendors and product manufacturers that want to see their products featured in an installation feature (and logos on the side of the Broncos) can call 865-690-4941 or for more information.